Become a Connecticut Notary Public

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Connecticut Notary Commission Overview

The step-by-step process for becoming a notary public in the state of Connecticut is detailed below. Once you are ready to shop for supplies, simply visit our store. As a national provider of notary supplies, notary bonds, insurance, and training, has pretty much everything you need to become a Connecticut notary public.


Importance of Connecticut Notary Training

As a notary public in the State of Connecticut, you have unlimited financial liability on every document you notarize. You do not want to take the office of Notary Public lightly. The Connecticut Online Notary Course is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way for you to learn what to do and how to protect yourself as a notary. Whether you are a new or current notary public, you should spend some time learning the laws.

How to Become a Notary Public in Connecticut

Step-by-Step Instructions

Become a Connecticut Notary Public

1. Read the Notary Public Manual.

2. Complete a Jurat and Writing Sample.

3. Print the Certificate of Character. The Certificate must be completed by a public official, or reputable businessperson, who is unrelated to you and has known you for at least one year.

4. Create an account on the eLicense website.

5. Log in and complete the application. Pay the $120 fee.

6. Once your application has been approved, you will receive your new notary certificate. 

7. Within 30 days of receiving your certificate, you must file the certificate and take your oath of office with a town clerk. Pay the $10 fee.

8. Purchase your Connecticut notary seal.

Congratulations! You are now a Connecticut notary public!


Commission Term: 5 years
Minimum Age: 18 years old
Residency: Resident or Principal Business in CT
Stamp/Seal: Not Required
Journal: Recommended
Application Fee: $120
Eligibility: No major convictions
Other: Be able to read and write English. Pass written exam

PO Box 150470

Hartford, CT 06115-0470

Phone: (860) 509-6100

Any person eighteen years of age or older, who either resides in, or has a principal place of business in Connecticut may apply for appointment as a Notary Public.

All applicants must submit a completed application form (online in the eLicense system -- see above) and pay the application fee of $120.00.  An examination is contained in the application process and the applicant completes the examination under oath.  Successful applicants will receive a certificate of appointment.